Monday, May 13, 2013

Day Twelve, 27 April 2013

Kirkwall on main island, Orkney, was our home base for two days.  The artists of Orkney have long published a craft trail guide  to studios around the islands.  The Orkney Islands are also known for the vast amount of archeological sites .  During WW1 the British Fleet  used Orkney as their base of operation. 

Jackie and Marlene Miller craft Orkney chairs from oatstraw and driftwood

The straw backs are tied into the wood frame.

Clare sitting in her new chair

Dot tries the child's chair which unlike Goldilocks wee bear chair attempt, does not break. Orkney chairs are made to last for decades.

Kathleen holds an actual skull found by her father in a burial tomb on their croft. The family operates the visitor center and tmob, and bronze age site as Tomb of the Eagles.

Lee pulling himself on the trolley into the tomb

Carol Fletcher runs Skerries Bistro, an annual stop for a yummy lunch.

A block ship next to one of the Churchhill barriers, now causeways between islands, is a popular dive site

Glynn, my Glaswegian friend joined us on Orkney . She was fascinated by  the Italian Chapel, built by Italian prisoners of war from 2 Nissan huts and recycled items. 

Melissa, Glynn, and Dot,observe a design for new Sheila Fleet ring. Martin, Sheila's son, is the business manger for the family run business his mom started 20 years ago.  Sheila will receive an OBE, Order of British Empire in June from the Queen in London.

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