Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day Six, 21 April 2013

 Workshop day offers a chance to leave travel behind for one day and be a student. Elaine Lindsay, straw artist extrordinaire introduces the group to traditional straw work and shows them examples of her work that appears as fashion accessories during London fasion week and atop local wedding cakes.    We end the day with a house concert with music from Gaye Anthony.

Claire focuses on her corn dolly

Elaine's deft fingers demonstrate making delicate flowers with straw thread

Elaine's straw exotic bird made with nunerous straw techniques

Elaine demonstrates a technique to Jane.

Jane displays Via Roma's magnifique ice crean sundae

Gaye Anthony has relaunched her solo folk music career after many years of singing herring fishing and other maritime songs with G& T. She also teaches us local dialect such as the answer to "how are you?"  Fit like!

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