Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day Three, 18 April 2013

The Borders region of Scotland is self explanatory. It is the land just north of England's border, home to the River Tweed, River Yarrow, multitudes of sheep, cattle, and where most of the remaining textile mills in Scotland are.  We visited New Lanark World Heritage center, Lochcarron Mill and Andrew Elliot Mill, both in Selkirk. 
New Lanark is a restored mill and village. Robert Owen was the enlightened manager  in the 1830's who provided good working condition, sanitary living quarters, medical treatment, and schooling for the workers.
A trail follows the River Clyde past 3 water falls. The water provided the power to operate the mill.

With the abundant rain and snow melt, the River Clyde was running very high. Claire, Dot and Jennifer ventured to the first of the falls.

Marilyn and Jane purchased wool yarn currently spun in the mill. The mill originally spun jute and cotton yarns.

Andrew Elliot is one of just 4 mills left in Selkirk and the only one still owned and operated by the family. We visited the mill in 2007 when Andrew was still designing and weaving. Andrew died in 2009.

Robin Elliot now operates the mill. They weave specialty orders of woollen fabrics including district tweed patterns.

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