Friday, April 20, 2007

Day 6

Day 6 Sunday April 15
We traveled just 5 miles round trip today for a marathon of fun. The travelers took a workshop from Ewa Kuniczak “koo-knee-chuck”. Ewa has been felting for 30 years. She shared her innovations and her approach to nuno-felting in this one-day class on “Fine and Fancy Felting.” She started with a digital lecture on her inspirational sources and showed how she expresses herself through the felt medium. Almost anything can be an influence for Ewa. She has done a whole body of work based on 20th century ceramists, is inspired by stained glass, architecture and personal observations.

Some of the travelers had never felted before. Barb, a student with previous felting experience said “Ewa taught me how to better control my felting by giving me the realization that you can spread fibers web-thin. You can start the process, building up layers and using less water than I thought you needed. Ewa was a bundle of energy with creativity just exuding from her in her teaching and demonstrating.” Students made a several samples, the first a creative composition based on imagination. The 2nd sample started on the basis of structure, color, novelty materials. At the end of the day the students and Ewa appeared to have more energy than they started the day with. Perhaps some vitamin F should be part of everyone’s daily diet!

We had a great setting for the day with bright sunshine, record setting temps, and the rural setting of the studio at Touched By Scotland in Oyne. Not only does Robin Baird have studio space for classes, but a wonderful gallery full of metal, jewelry, paper, fiber, painting, glass, ceramics,wood, and straw artwork all made from UK artists.
Donald Trump isn’t the only American mover and shaker in Aberdeenshire these days.. Robin and her family moved to Scotland a decade ago. Her insight and business drive has helped the regional council see the untapped potential for more domestic and international tourism in this region of rolling farmland. This spring she is breaking ground for a bigger gallery space that will include a restaurant and community use building. You can see Robin serving us delicious Carrot Coriander soup for lunch in the picture above.

Sunday night G&T treated us to a house concert of folks songs of Scotland. Trish Norman and Gaye Anthony travel around the UK and Europe performing at festivals. Their voices blend in sweet harmonies while trading off the lead. Trish’s high, clear, lilting soprano is grounded by Gaye’s rich, round alto voice. They accompany themselves with guitar. They sing songs about the sea, fishing, and even taught us the chorus to their famous haggis song! Their stories and banter interspersed between songs kept us all smiling and laughing and singing along. They closed by having us all join hands and sing “Auld Lang Syne.” Gaye and Trish have made 3 recordings. You can hear their joyous sounds at trish

A day creating and learning, summer weather in early spring, and music…what more could a person ask for on Sunday, April 15 spent in Oyne, Scotland? Okay, a massage and chocolates on your pillow would be one step up!

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